East Meets West

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete system of medicine used to address the whole range of health concerns. The "whole-person" approach of Chinese Medicine also makes it ideally suited to work alongside Western Medicine.

Acupuncture and herbs can play a vital role in enhancing the effects of Western medical treatments, and they are frequently used to help manage the side effects of Western medications. Traditional Chinese Medicine is particularly effective when it comes to syndromes that are odd or unexplainable by Western Medicine, or that do not respond adequately to Western medical treatment alone.

The strength of the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach lies in its "whole-person" view, and its flexibility; the goal is to look at the whole picture, always use the right tool for the job, and to adapt when conditions change. Part of that strategy is using acupuncture, herbs, and lifestyle changes; part of it is working closely with your primary MD, and knowing when the time is right to refer out for consultation with a medical doctor.

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