Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal formulas use natural substances to treat a wide range of conditions. Each herbal formula is specifically tailored to each patient. Chinese herbs are safe and effective when correctly prescribed by a trained professional.

While most people in the West think of acupuncture when they think of Chinese Medicine, herbalism shares an equally powerful role in treatment. A fully qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine is trained in using both acupuncture and herbs, although the two can be used separately or in combination.

There are literally hundreds of different herbs used in Chinese medical herbalism, and each has its own unique properties and functions. While we use the word "herbs" for the sake of convenience, substances used can include any part of a plant as well as minerals and animal-derived substances; if you are following a vegan diet, let your herbalist know so that your formula can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.

When prescribed skillfully by a licensed herbalist, Chinese herbs are safe and have virtually no side effects. It is important to consult a professional herbalist when you want to use herbs; just because you can buy certain herbs at the health food store doesn't mean they are appropriate or beneficial for your unique situation. Some fine-tuning may occur to find the exact formula that best addresses the body’s imbalance, and the formula will be changed from time to time in order to respond to changes in the body’s state of balance, which can fluctuate with seasonal changes, emotional stresses, and other health concerns.

As with Chinese Medicine in general, Chinese herbs are a personalized, adaptive, and powerful way to address your unique challenges and needs helping you to become (and stay) your best!

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