Referring Doctors

A referral relationship with John Golden Acupuncture can benefit your practice in several ways:

  • Patients want alternative medicine, and offering referral to a highly-trained Chinese Medicine practitioner adds value to your practice.
  • TCM gives you an option other than "more pain meds."
  • When your patients want to take herbs, you can put this aspect of their care in the hands of a qualified herbalist rather than dealing with the intricacies of herbal therapy.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine can be very effective in treating syndromes with no clear diagnosis or treatment, as well as psychosomatic syndromes.
  • Acupuncture and herbs can help manage the side effects of pharmaceutical agents, including chemotherapy.
  • We can provide in-depth consultation for physicians who already incorporate acupuncture or herbs into their practice.

MDs of all specialties, chiropractors, FNPs, physical therapists, alternative medicine practitioners are all invited to contact John Golden Acupuncture to discuss ways we can work together to give your patients the best outcomes possible! Call (916) 685-6380 or email to arrange a referral, or learn more about Chinese Medicine.