A Healthy Elk Grove

Spotlight on Elk Grove:
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

The old paradigms of healthcare in the United States are undergoing scrutiny as more and more people consider broadening their horizons with alternative medicines such as acupuncture and herbs.

Eastern medicine and Western medicine are frequently combined in a complimentary manner, with benefits realized from both standards of care. Odds are, someone you know has been treated with herbs or acupuncture. Elk Grove residents have been increasingly interested in adding to their health arsenal with Chinese Medicine treatment methods.

Acupuncture: Where to Start?

With the variety of acupuncture options available to you, we realize that it's sometimes tough to know which Elk Grove acupuncturist is right for you.

Our web site will help you understand our approach to your health, and will serve as a resource for understanding the possibilities of eastern medicine in a western context world. We encourage you to take the first step and make an appointment for your initial consultation. Please give us a call at (916) 685-6380 or email us at .