John Golden

About John Golden

John Golden, MTCM, L.Ac.

  • California Board Certified Acupuncturist
  • Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Special Certification in Five Element Acupuncture

John's journey into the world of Chinese medicine is bittersweet. Though his professional beginning was in an acute hospital care setting, it wasn't until his mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 that he began to understand the importance of complimentary medicine in the healing process. In addition to the treatment she received through her western medical doctors, the care of her complimentary practitioners made a huge impact on her length and quality of life. John went on to have the honor of being mentored by his mother's doctor/acupuncturist, Shiroko Sokitch, MD. Under Dr. Sokitch's guidance John learned the importance of cultivating an awareness of ourselves, connecting our day-to-day practices to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

John's formal training began with his undergrad studies in Psychology at UC Davis and Master's degree work in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Five Branches University. His internships have included the Five Branches Clinic and the Mental Health Client Action Network in Santa Cruz, treating a wide variety of aliments and injuries with emphasis on musculoskeletal pain management, emotional wellbeing, and women’s health. He also had the great privilege of doing an internship with doctors in various hospitals and clinics in Hangzhou, China. In addition to his formal education, John has been a practitioner of martial arts including Shaolin Kung Fu, Ba Gua, Tai Chi, and Qigong.

When John is not in the clinic treating patients he is often engaged in his life-long passion as a musician, and enjoying life as a family man. He met fellow acupuncturist Zoë Griffin, L.Ac., when they were both in grad school, and together they have a beautiful little boy and two silly but adorable basset hounds.

John's Approach to Healthcare:

I approach wellness from the perspective of treating the person rather than treating an "illness." This starts with listening... listening very carefully to your health concerns and getting the big picture of your state of health. "Illness" and "wellness" arise from a complex dance of interactions between body, mind, and spirit; by taking into account all aspects of your history, lifestyle, and environment, we can create an integrative path to wellness that not only moves you toward the state of health you desire, but moves you ultimately toward a more fulfilling and centered way of living.

Acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle modifications are some of the tools I use; when it's appropriate to refer to Western medical professionals, I'll do that as well. I'm here to help you work toward your complete vision of wellness!