Body, Mind, Spirit

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a healing system with thousands of years of refinement that is now on the cutting edge of our society's rapidly changing healthcare needs. We provide a whole-person approach that addresses all aspects of health - body, mind, and spirit.

How may we serve you? Perhaps it's a simple pain complaint, or perhaps it's a complex, chronic disease. Perhaps you're feeling stuck with some aspect of your emotional wellbeing or life goals. Perhaps you're looking for a proactive form of preventative medicine... or just want a "tune-up!" Whatever your goals and challenges may be, we're here to provide you with a unique and powerful approach that is tailored to you as an individual. At John Golden Acupuncture, we don't just treat conditions; we treat people.

Please explore the website to learn more about acupuncture, herbs, and Traditional Chinese Medicine... or call for an appointment and take the next step on your path to wellness!